British trained Iranian Nuclear Engineer Mr T Keshe demonstrates the GANS Plasma solution to Covid-19.


On January 24th 2020, the eve of the Chinese new year, Mr Keshe demonstrated exactly how to make 'the One Cup One Life' technology, to completely resolve SARS-Cov-2.



Over subsequent months, tens of thousands of people in China, Iran and around the world learned this process and came to the rescue of their loved ones and friends.  By July 2020, the success of the technology was so great that it was integrated into traditional Chinese medicine for treatment in China, and was given the full support of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran.


Investigation into the GANS nano-materials was carefully documented at the Iranian Defence University and entire hospitals in Iran were given over to this new approach to tackling Covid-19 because of its unmatched efficacy.


Governments around the world have been advised of the technology, but as of mid August 2020, have chosen not to engage with this new line of understanding.


Also in July 2020, this 187 page living, scientific document, which is added to all the time, was made openly available to explain how simply GANS Plasma technology can overcome not just SARS-Cov-2, but also a plethora of other diseases and other challenges of our time.


Despite the technology now having been successfully employed to overcome ebola, African swine fever and a wide variety of presentations of Covid-19 mutations, governments remain slow to react.


The Chinese, Iranian, Russian, American and Austrian governments were all presented, first hand with the above scientific dossier.  And all other major governments of the world are now fully aware of its contents.


It is expected that between August 2020 and the end of March 2021, GANS Plasma science breakthroughs will leave no room for speculation.  This technology is about to propel us into a new paradigm.


Please also see the official Keshe Foundation Website and the KF Wiki for cup 1 and .Cup 2.


For the simplest diagrams and explanation of how to make GANS, please click here.


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