British trained Iranian Nuclear Engineer Mr T Keshe demonstrates a novel solution for the Coronavirus.

In Iran, teams of ordinary people are preparing this at home in advance and reaching sufferers within 2 hours.
Recovery is said to be very fast – generally the fever breaks in a matter of hours. 
Click here to hear Mrs Mohammadi explaining the process in Iran.


In 2018  this technique was employed to completely overcome the lethal African Swine Fever  in multiple pig trials in China.


This should have marked a massive sea-change in medicine as governments around the world are aware of the technology, not least because as a nuclear engineer, Mr Keshe has to be monitored constantly by international intelligence agencies.  But the concepts are too radical and challenging.  And the patents are open to humanity, which reduces the financial incentive for profit based companies and grant based researchers to investigate.


This non-toxic solution can be made at home.  Please watch the video below. 
(And in case it is removed AGAIN, please follow this link to secure versions in multiple languages.)



UPDATE - I have now emailed and sent a signed for hard copy to PM Johnson at number 10.  Here is the email and here is the cover letter.

UPDATE 2 - GANS Plasma Technology is now being used in an Iranian hospital and the Iranian Government is reviewing cases and applying due diligence.  This process is expected to complete on Friday the 3rd of April 2020.

UPDATE 3 - 6th April 2020.  British PM Boris Johnson has been admitted to intensive care.  I have again reached out in the hope that the government will consider GANS Plasma Technology.


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